All of our trips have a "Base Price" (Ground Only Price) that do not include your groups travel costs.  We can provide very reliable and reputable transportation for your group at a reasonable cost.  We provide both Deluxe Motor Coach transportation as well as group air to fit your group's needs and budget.

     Probably, about 90% of our groups travel via Deluxe Motor Coaches and the rest travel by air or, at times, our groups will use their school district's buses.    But, as stated, the majority go by Motor Coach. There are approximately 4,400 motor coach companies that have D.O.T. approval.  We take safety and customer attention very seriously and charter only American Bus Association or United Motor Coach Association coaches.  This takes our client to a $5,000,000 minimum coverage on their transportation.

     We ensure our groups that all coaches have DVD/PA capabilities, are climate controlled and will have a clean wash/restroom on board, and, in some cases, WiFi capabilities.  Group leaders are encouraqged to set an appointment through us prior to your group departure for a site inspection of equipment at our selected charter operation.  The motor coach stays with your group during the entire trip and will be at the hotel and activity locations to be used at your discretion.  That coach becomes part of "Your Team"!

     The cost of the Motor Coach transportation is directly related to the distance traveled, the size of the coach and the number of passengers. We assure you that we will provide your group with options that best maximize the efficiency of your group's size.

     The majority of new over-the-road charter mototcoaches are optimized for the best cost on a per student basis at 52 students and 4 sponsors.  We highly recommend starting fundraisers at school to help with the empty seat costs and possibly raising a good portion of your transportation costs so the students can get as close to the base price (ground only) as possible.  If you need any assistance with ideas for a variety of fundraising programs, please contact us at any time by calling 800-328-7513 and ask to speak to group sales about these programs.